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The Webb Systemizer III controller is designed to work as an air system controller for space and domestic hot water heating. It was sold under several local brand names such Continental Solar, General Solar, Sunlight Industries, Inc, and Sun-Wise. These controllers were sold as a two module set, the power module and the display module. What is offered for sale here is only the display module. I therefore suggest it be bought only as a replacement for a defective unit or as a backup unit and not as something to incorporate into a new system


If you are looking to replace your defective Webb Systemizer III controller or just want one as a backup, order one of these before this limited supply runs dry. Prices shown do not include postage.  Colorado sales will be charged the appropriate sales tax. Yes, I accept credit card payments through PayPal, checks, and money orders.  For questions or to place an order, send me an email (see top of this page) stating what you are interested in along with your zip code.  I'll check the postage to your zip code and send you a return email with the total cost.



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