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The Heliotrope DTT-5080 is a basic ON/OFF differential temperature controller from the late 1970s and early 1980s for use with drain down systems. It was considered a basic workhorse controller for the solar water heating industry. This controller has two 120 VAC outputs that are hardwired directly to the drain down valve and the circulation pump. Two relays rated at 10 amps or 1/3 HP are the final output devices that switch power. The controller incorporates a solid state operational amplifier to determine when the pump should be turned ON and OFF.


The DTT-5080 has an adjustable turn ON and OFF differential pot on the side of its box that allows for a turn ON differential that ranges from 5 ºF to 20 ºF. The turn OFF differential is fixed at 1.5 ºF.

The default HIGH LIMIT, as delivered from the factory, was spec'ed at 160 ºF. As designed, the HIGH LIMIT sensor for this controller is spec'ed as being a 3 K ohm thermistor sensor. However, upon request, the internal circuitry can be modified to allow the HIGH LIMIT to be changed from the standard 160 ºF to 170 ºF or 180 ºF for a $10 service fee.


This controller was designed to operate with two 3 K ohm thermistor sensors for the ON/OFF differential function, one 3 K ohm thermistor sensor for the HIGH LIMIT function, and one FS-5 snap switch sensor for the LOW LIMIT function. During my experience with this controller I've found that the ON/OFF differential function works just as well with 10 K ohm thermistor sensors as with 3 K ohm thermistor sensors. However, they must be one value or the other, i.e., don't mix the sensors by having a 3 K ohm sensor for the collector and a 10 K ohm sensor for the storage sensor. The internal circuit can also be modified (for a $10 service fee) to allow the HIGH LIMIT to operate with a 10 K ohm sensor and give the 160 ºF, 170 ºF, or 180 ºF limits. If the HIGH LIMIT function option is not needed, the HIGH LIMIT sensor input wires are simply left unconnected. If the LOW LIMIT function option is not needed, the LOW LIMIT sensor input wires are simply shorted together.


If you are looking to replace your defective DTT-5080 controller or just want one as a backup, order one of these before this limited supply runs dry. Prices shown do not include postage.  Colorado sales will be charged the appropriate sales tax. Yes, I accept credit card payments through PayPal, checks, and money orders.  For questions or to place an order, send me an email (see top of this page) stating what you are interested in along with your zip code.  I'll check the postage to your zip code and send you a return email with the total cost.



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