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• Article 9 - April, 1992


Bailey Platte Canyon High School Swimming Pool Project©


Installation of a two output Independent Energy C-100 controller and reducing the 99 panel collector array flow rate to about 60 gpm appears to have been the formula to place the PCHS swimming pool drain back solar system back into operation. The flow rate was previously set to 140 gpm, and the system was under manual control. When the system was turned on during high temperature panel stagnation conditions, the high pressure spike created by the high pressure pump and the rapid steam generation would cause some of the hose couplings between the panels to pop off. By using the output #2 of the C-100 as an enabling output (via relay contacts), the pump can be held off if the panels are hot and likely to produce a high pressure spike. Output #1 is used in the normal mode to turn the pump ON and OFF. Since the panel array provides more heat than is required to heat the pool, the Director of Maintenance, Bruce Combs, would like COSEIA members to next examine the possibility of diverting the array heat to space heating of the pool area after the pool heat requirements are met. If the present modifications continue to keep the system operating satisfactorily, we will then consider how best to provide the space heating for the pool area.


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