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• Article 6 - March, 1991


Another Harold Spagatinie and Close E-Nuf Plumbing troubleshooting problem©


Harold Spagitini is having problems again. Harold's SDHW system has been running fine for over 10 years, but all of a sudden he noticed his circulating pump that pumps water between the solar preheater and auxiliary heater was on all the time. He called his solar service company, Close-E-Nuf Construction, to solve the problem. Of course, the sensors were checked first and found to be OK. The Close-E-Nuf service person disconnected the hardwired pump from the controller and checked the controller relay for proper operation. With his controller checker and a 120 V light bulb connected across the controller output terminal board, he found the output relay operated properly, i.e., the light bulb turned on at a turn on differential temperature of about 20 degrees F and off at about 5 degrees F. He checked the pump for proper operation by pushing the pump wires into a nearby electrical receptacle. The pump seemed to run fine. When the pump was connected back to the controller, it ran continuously, even though the relay could be seen to be operating properly. What was the problem?


Those solar sleuths correctly identifying this problem before the next newsletter writing will be recognized for their attention to troubleshooting details and knowledge of electrical problems that can occur in solar systems.


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