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• Article 4 - September, 1990


Harold Spagatinie and Close E-Nuf Plumbing troubleshooting problem©


Close E-Nuf Plumbing installed a closed loop antifreeze SDHW system for Harold Spagatinie in 1983. The collector system was somewhat oversized for the 82 gallon solar preheater. As a result, the system would often shut down due to the 180° F high limit setting. Harold thought it would be a good idea to install a circulating pump and associated controller to circulate hot water from the solar preheater to the auxiliary 40 gallon hot water heater whenever the water at the top of the preheater was at least 15° F warmer than the water in the bottom of the auxiliary heater., This would, in effect, give Harold an effective solar storage of 122 gallons. Harold called Close E-Nuf to make the installation. The circulating loop was installed (with appropriate valving) to pull hot water off the top of the preheater tank and bring it to the hot water outlet pipe of the auxiliary tank. The return part of the loop was from the auxiliary tank cold water inlet pipe to the cold water inlet pipe on the preheater tank. The system worked well. The system would hardly ever shut down due to high temperature cut-off. Although the temperature of the water in the system would often reach 160° F, the tempering valve would usually keep the water to the hot water faucet close to the 120° F setting. Harold noticed that once in a while the water at the hot water faucet would be exceedingly hot, as if the tempering valve was not operating properly. He also noticed that this happened only when the newly installed circulating pump was running. Close E-Nuf had their solar engineer come out to Harold's place to determine the cause of the problem. He told Harold there is nothing wrong with the tempering valve.


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