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• Article 11 - August, 1993


TECH TIP - Air system problem solution and a liquid flow rate problem and its solution©


In the previous newsletter, an air system problem was discussed. Several people called, some had the correct solution. The problem dealt with low air flow. Those COSEIA members identifying the cause of the problem were Jim Elder and John Meeker. A non-COSEIA member from Grand Junction, Eldon Krugman (spelling ??? my answering machine garbled the name), also had the correct answer. The answer - the fan was spinning in the reverse direction.


This newsletter's tip is contributed by Tim Connolly and involves a liquid system. Again, a very low flow rate is the problem. After eliminating valve problems, heat exchanger and panel scaling, and pump problems, a frustrated Tim began to disassemble the system one pipe fitting at a time. He finally found a pipe that had been forced through the stop of a tee fitting to the back of the tee. This severely restricted the flow. How's that for a tough restriction problem to find?


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