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• Article 10 - June, 1993


Troubleshooting - What's wrong with this air system?©


It's been a few newsletters since we had a troubleshooting problem. This problem shows me that I/we need to look and think beyond the obvious problems, especially when it is claimed that "the system has never worked from the day it was installed." This problem deals with an air space heating/SDHW system that was "designed by an astronaut" but installed by a normal human being during the early eighties. This system contains about 350 square feet of collector area. The new homeowner said the previous homeowner claimed he could heat the domestic water a little bit, the upper rooms during the day, but could never get much heat from storage; at most, only until about 9 pm. The temperature at the bottom of the rock storage never got above 65 degrees F. After checking the controls, sensors and sensor wiring, dampers, and air flow directions, we poked some holes in the ducts and finally determined there was a low air flow problem. Testing showed the flow rate to be about 80 cfm. The flow rate should have been about 700 cfm. We then verified that the fan was not slipping on the motor shaft. All ducts were open and clean. The dampers were synchronized properly and operated as they should have. The panels were ducted properly and air could flow through them properly. What do you think the problem was?


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